Standards for Worldwide Classroom Members

Often referred to as the Worldwide Classroom Code of Ethics, these Standards are to be adhered to by all WWC members.

All organizations are invited to become members of WWC providing that they agree to:

  1. welcome individuals regardless of race, creed, or nationality
  2. provide honest and accurate information to students from pre-enrollment through completion of program
  3. hold participant safety and well-being with the utmost regard
  4. offer assistance to individuals at all stages of their international experience
  5. educate openly and fairly and encourage tolerance
  6. evaluate equally and provide objective progress reports where applicable
  7. respond to suggestions and complaints in a fair and timely manner
  8. keep participant information confidential unless given authorization by the individual for its release
  9. cooperate with all industry-related local and international laws and regulations.

By agreeing to the above, organizations strive to be open, honest and fair in their approach and handling of international participants.

While all WWC Members agree to adhere to the standards set forth by Worldwide Classroom, we rely on the international community to see that these guidelines are upheld.