Frequently Asked Questions

What is Worldwide Classroom?

Worldwide Classroom is an international organization that encourages cultural awareness and understanding through immersion and exchange. More than 18,000 program providers in 159 countries make up the Worldwide Classroom Directory. Worldwide Classroom has been participating in outreach programs for the past 40 years. Since 1994 we have been operating on the Internet and were one of the first international education directories on the Web. To date, more than 10 million people have relied on us to research programs and opportunities around the world.

Why should I become a member?

To strengthen education in the international community. Individuals interested in opportunities abroad need help to make informed decisions on where to study or work. Worldwide Classroom provides that information in a clear and concise resource and Member organizations are highlighted. As a result, you benefit from increased marketing efforts.

Members form a network of educators around the world who collaborate for professional development, curriculum sharing, cultural exchanges, and study abroad news and trends.

Who uses Worldwide Classroom?

People of all ages, nationalities and interests! Governments, search engines, multinational companies, universities, schools and individuals.

Most are looking for study/travel abroad opportunities within the next 18 months. Some look for short-term language programs, others want semester, year, degree or certification abroad. Many look for internship, volunteer and work opportunities. Parents are looking for k-12 schools for their children around the world. Executives need intense, upscale programs and mature adults often request art, music and related.

How do people use Worldwide Classroom?

Individuals looking for international programs turn to Worldwide Classroom in a number of ways.  People from around the world search our on-line directory to research programs best for them.  Last year about 2 million people relied on our directory to assist their planning.  Others turned in program finders to Worldwide Classroom representatives at Study Abroad Fairs, or phoned, faxed, e-mailed, or stopped by our office. An increasing number want programs which adhere to published standards.

How do I know if there is interest in my program?

WWC forwards inquiry requests to 'eligible' members offering opportunities in corresponding fields. We ask that organizations evaluate the person's request and respond to them directly with specific information regarding their study programs, work/internship, or volunteer opportunities. Requests forwarded to you are the same as if the person had contacted you directly.

When people visit your listing on our web site they will have the option of either e-mailing you directly from our site to gather more information or entering your web site directly from your listing and e-mailing you from your site.

Who are WWC Members?

Worldwide Classroom Members are many of the most active organizations in the international education field. Current members include K12, ESL, universities, language institutes, technical institutes, adult education, internship providers, art/craft/cooking, ecotourism, business programs, teacher training, volunteer organizations; any organization which welcomes international participants and adhere to the Membership Standard set forth by Worldwide Classroom.

What services are available to members?

There are a number of ways organizations can participate in Worldwide Classroom initiatives in order to promote their programs. You are welcome to join in the Worldwide Classroom group as Community Members, Associate Members, Classic Members, Outreach Members, or Partners in International Education and Exchange.  Click here to see what is included with each membership   

Do you recommend member organizations?

We list organizations which subscribe to published standards rather than make recommendations.  Our objectivity allows search engines and multinational corporations to feel comfortable defaulting all research to

How can my organization sign up?

You can sign up on-line, or by downloading the printable participation form and faxing it back to us.
All organizations are eligible to take part as long as they agree to Worldwide Classroom Standards.

When will my information be activated?

Once payment is received, your organization's membership will be activated within 3-5 business days and will be available to users by the end of the 5th working day.

What types of payments are honored?

We accept major credit cards, PayPal, wire transfers, U.S and non-U.S. bank checks in USD.  Note that if you pay by non-U.S. bank check or wire bank transfer, add $35 for the bank processing fee.

Do we owe WWC anything when a participant signs up?

You owe us nothing, except perhaps a thank you! We all share the goal of wanting to help people find programs that best meet their needs.

How can I make changes/updates?

Visit our website.....or email us the information you wish to be updated to and a WWC staff member will make those changes for you.