Which Worldwide Classroom Membership is best for our organization?

Not every organization has the same needs, budget, staff or marketing goals.  In response to this, WWC offers a number of membership levels.  The following gives an overview of what is included at each level.  Choose the level that works best for your organization!

  Community Associate Classic Outreach Partners
Mailing Address X X X X X
Telephone Number X X X X X
Fax Number X X X X X
Basic Program Information X X X X  X
General Inquiry Options X X X X  X
Inquiries Sent Regularly        X  X
Preferred Placement   X  X X X
# of Search Categories 1 1  3 6 12
Web Link     X X X
E-mail Button   X  X X  X
WWC Logo       X X
Your Logo      X X X
Photo Gallery       X X
WWC E-Newsletter     X X X
Enhanced Program Information   X  X X X
Adventures Abroad Announcements     3 6 12
Student Reviews     X X X
Customizable Inquiry Options       X X
WWC Referral Program       X X
Contact Information Distributed at Networking Events         X
Requests Forwarded from Networking Events         X
Showcase Events at US and Canadian Universities         X