Welcome to Worldwide Classroom!

Worldwide Classroom (WWC) is an international organization that encourages cultural awareness and understanding through immersion and exchange. WWC highlights organizations around the globe that are active in international education.  18,000+ program providers in 159 countries make up the Worldwide Classroom Directory. Since our launch on the Internet in 1994, more than 10 million people have relied on the Worldwide Classroom website to research programs and opportunities around the world.

The Worldwide Classroom online directory is available at no cost to governmental agencies, universities, search engines, multinational companies, schools, service agencies and individuals as a primary resource to find cultural immersion opportunities around the world.  We are a trusted site for planning international exchange.  Our multilingual and multicultural staff has spent over 4 decades compiling data for this comprehensive online directory. In the past year alone, about 2 million people visited www.worldwide.edu looking for information.  Many utilize our program finder to research the country or type of program they seek.  Others contact us directly, visit our office, or complete program finder questionnaires at the many outreach functions we attend annually.  The goals and interests of these individuals and groups are as varied as the users themselves.  Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is always available to those needing assistance.

All organizations that welcome international participants are invited to join the WWC Consortium provided they adhere to the Membership Standards. While it is our policy to refrain from recommending specific organizations, we actively encourage students of all ages to attend institutions, such as those listed in our online directory, which adhere to published standards and ethical practices. 

As the Internet grows, so does the skepticism among students and institutions looking for international training for their staff and students.  As a result, WWC will introduce new initiatives and reliability reporting.  Our goal is not to be the largest, but rather the most reliable source of information about international educational and experiential programs which publish coherent information and adhere to both their published information and ethical standards.

Our mission is to promote international understanding and foster worldwide collaboration.  Members are encouraged to network with educators around the world for professional development, curriculum sharing, cultural exchange, increased marketing efforts and more.  Worldwide Classroom will continually keep members informed of study abroad trends, ideas for networking, upcoming events, recruiting strategies, marketing tips, and answers to your questions.

For information on Worldwide Classroom Membership, please visit our Membership Levels page.

If you would like to speak with a WWC coordinator, feel free to contact us!  We look forward to hearing from you.